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Bucky Barnes shields Sam Wilson -- I saw that too, and thought it was adorable! Bucky is a sweet little russian cupcake!

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Anytime I see this, I kind of automatically think about the Spongebob episode, and then that leaves my brain and it's just Steve and Buck and I have the urge to cry.

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One of Bucky's many heartbreaking lines in this film

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I totally believe this wouldn't happen. Especially the bit about Bucky not knowing how to apply his war paint...

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Hey they aren't villains they are just lovely and misunderstood. I just love them as their characters and their beautiful talented selves

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Bucky Barnes is a total sweetheart, a science nerd who spent his last night before being deployed watching a science invention, a good man who defends those who can't defend themselves, a brave man who was tortured but fought back again and again. He's innocent. He is not a villain.

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Yeah that was definitely him when fighting Spidey

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