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Border Terrier - It's hard to go wrong with a breed that was the favorite of James Herriot. Developed in northern England, the Border Terrier was used to hunt foxes that preyed on farmers' livestock. It became a favorite hunt terrier, working with packs of Border Foxhounds.

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'You've got to have some fun on a Saturday Night!' - Border Terrier down at the Pub

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Border Terrier Dog Breed Traits Print - Border Terrier Gift

Border Terrier The determined part Oh Sooo true you Have to have a super duper safe fence! If it is doggedly possible he Will get out!

Border Terrier. Un salto de fe.

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Border Terrier puppy and yep I really will stay just as good at the " what sweet innocent little old me" look! Usually with a pile of "dead" stuffed animal around me!

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Cairn Terrier Mix - I love their old man fur.

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Maggie Border terrier | Pawshake

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. . . a dog does a selfie !! | most amazing photos. when a dog gets on the beach he goes a little bit mad :) what a fantastic moment in time....really great shot. LOL! perfect title for a fantastic image in one word AWESOME and what a great shot of a highly charged doggie!

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Border Terrier - For Border Terriers & Their People

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tiny border terrier puppy.