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Building with apples. good idea! much better than marshmallows. Kids can eat a healthy apple snack while building neat structures. Knowing me, I will toss in a handful of sticky marshmallows for good measure.

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healthy and fun kid snacks

20+ healthy and fun kid snacks I love fun food! I can't wait till my little grand gets big enough to make some for him.

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Quick Healthy Snacks

Quick Healthy Snacks that your Kids will Love. It's so easy when you know how.


Healthy Eating for Kids: A Real Life Review

Learn how to help your picky eaters love food with a new book and kid-tested healthy recipes!

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How food ads sway preschoolers' eating habits

How food ads sway preschoolers' snacking habits -

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Cooking with Kids: Easy Jam Tarts Recipe

This recipe for jam tarts is easy for children of all ages to be involved with baking and provides them with plenty of opportunities to learn a range of new skills.

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4 Big Benefits of Family Meals

The benefits of family meals by Dr Orlena Kerek, paediatrician (scheduled via


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Treat for Kids: Foil Surprise Balls

Foil ‘Surprise’ Balls are such a fun treat, and can be made ahead of time by parents for a ‘complete surprise’ or prepared by kids and parents together.


Food portioning and good rounded nutrition for kids 3-5