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Marina Molares, Erysichthon, 2012 maybe What is this supposed to mean? I like the background and lighting.

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it's like u 2 are soulmates. how did u 2 not get married back then?? It's beyond me how weirdos like u 2 only ever want sun and warm weather. Can't imagine how some people fail to appreciate or even notice the beauty of the seasons, rain, storms, weather. Not a lot of depth or imagination, i guess. I mean even just for the variety of different seasons and weather versus how boring a constant climate is…

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Gratidão vai além de "muito obrigado", ultrapassa gentilezas, e, é superior a qualquer interesse. Gratidão é virtude de quem re...

La psicología del color | Web Bizarro

La psicología del color | Web Bizarro

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Nada + Cierto . Letanía contra el Miedo . Frank Herbert

Nada + Cierto . Letanía contra el Miedo . Frank Herbert

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let's draw spriggy branches! wheeeeee (via WELL DRESSED FOR THE APOCALYPSE)

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War Face... Gelada Baboon (or Bleeding heart Baboon) by Steve Mackay. ° Tooooooooo SCARY!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

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¿Estás listo para conocer el verdadero significado de tu palabra favorita? | Esto es lo más bizarro que leerás hoy

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Significado correcto de «bizarro».

La bestia

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