Bilbo baggins

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He did not leave his Hobbit hole that peacefully. He ran like he was about to miss a train. Which he was, although it was a train of ponies XD

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Bilbo Baggins. i need to draw this

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Quisiera ser un hobbit!

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Bilbo. Personally I think Martin did (and will do with the other movies) such an amazing job playing bilbo!

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Z dobrodružství nikdo neodchází s prázdnou. To nejcennější si však člověk odnese v srdci.

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A hair less self control and he would have been smacking Dwarves with Grandpa Mungo's chair.

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Wow. I feel really dumb right now. For months Ive thought that Benedict Cumberbatch was the Hobbit and Martin Freeman was Sherlock. I JUST realized I was wrong.

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The Hobbit: Bilbo Baggins by Gianfranco Gallo

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6 Photos of Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

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