Rick Allen Drum Pedals
Inspiring story of former Deff Lepard drummer Rick Allen. - musiciansare.com
Rick Allen.. Drummer for Def Leppard. This dude is awesome.
Def Leppard’s Rick Allen: Perseverance
Ahead Rick Allen 16.5" Long Taper Metal Drumsticks | Def Leopard

Ahead Rick Allen 16.5

🤘 Great Shot of Rick Allen! Def Leppard's Master of the Drums! 🤘  #defleppard #rickallen #drummer #drums #rock #1980s
http://ift.tt/2rLylVl - Def Leopard's drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car accident in 1984 determined to keep going he got a custom made electronic drum set to assist. Their next album "Hysteria" was released in 1987 which was credited as to being their best album yet.
Rick Allen's Drum kit