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Top Uses for Bar Keepers Friend

15+ Top Uses for Bar Keepers Friend! From cleaning Pyrex to Scratches on cars you won't believe what this stuff CAN DO!

Bar Keepers Friend's Cleanser & Polish is consider the best cleaning product for removing rust, tarnish, hard water stains and lime scale.

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Talla tu tina gris con Bar Keepers Friend para hacerla brillar de nuevo.

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Discover tons of cleaning uses for Bar Keepers Friend. Love this website

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Bar Keepers Friend

Cleans grout, tile, stainless pots & pans, oven (inside & out), glass (including windows & soap scum off shower doors), car rims & mufflers, only thing it can't be used on is marble. Very little scrubbing & it cost less than 2 bucks!! When vinegar & baking soda won't work this stuff definately will!

Bar Keepers Friend Poder Cream Limpiador 350ml