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Bailey Chase stars as Branch Ada in season 3 of Saving Grace. He now stars on Longmire on A.

Bailey Chase as Branch Connally - Longmire

de ... but I digress

The Daily Hotness – Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase


Bailey Chase-Longmire and my favorite Chris Hughes on As The World Turns!


Bailey Chase - wish I could find this on the beach while on my vacation...*sigh* to quote a good buddy~ 'What a doll'


hmmmm what is it about a man in a cowboy hat? ~ bailey chase = HOTTIE


Bailey Chase Bailey Chase One of the most gorgeous men I've seen on television. Most known for his role in Saving Grace with Holly Hunter. Also the A&E series, Longmire. Which has it's Season 3 premiere tonight June 2nd. 2014

Bailey Chase...ya might 'member him from Saving Grace!