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Hey babes!! @Melissa Tredinnick. Panic![= & I missed the American Dream Tour, & considering that there were many others who missed it as well, we thought we would start a petition to get our followers to bomb Oliver & Austin with tweets saying that they should have an AD II. SO- P L E A S E go bomb them with tweets! We are hoping for a reply, so if they reply to you please tag Sarah and I! Now- Repin, tag all your friends & followers who like BMTH & OM&M, & go bomb those boys with tweets…


Austin Carlile getting baptized and giving himself to our Lord and Savior!! God bless you always Austin!

tattoos austin carlile of mice and men om&m


I'm not sure how I feel about the blond look...actually it's kind nice

Austin Carlile // Of Mice & Men I think I would cry my heart out if I meet Of mice and men as a whole but especially for Austin. Their music has made an impact on me that I can feel what they are trying to communicate through their music. I will always be a fans!! <3

Austin Carlile // Of Mice & Men

I wanna hug him so bad I can't stand it. That's all I want, a hug and an I love you...


Austin Carlile - Of Mice and Men...... He has such a tender, compassionate heart. When fans were cheering for an encore at one one of his concerts.... He got so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that he started crying. God Bless this man!!! ❤️