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Aubrey Beardsley, Pintora del art nouveau en gran Bretaña. Influencia del arte japonés, no hay sobras, sólo blanco y negro.

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Salome: The Climax by Aubrey Beardsley, 1893. Ink and green wash

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Illustration by John Austen for a version of Hamlet published in 1922.

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Details about Aubrey Beardsley - Victorian Era Art Photo / Poster Print 1872/1898

life and death - the living and the dead yin and yang /// Aubrey Beardsley - Gailestis (1895)

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Aubrey Beardsley, Famous for his erotic pen and ink drawings, TB took this gifted aesthetic artist at only 25

Aubrey Beardsley - Salomè via Oscar Wilde

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Aubrey Beardsley y su Art Noveau.

Art Noveau. Modernismos. Beardsley

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Aubrey Beardsley y su Art Noveau.


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10 Terrifying Artworks We Dare You to Look At

Donnez-moi la tete de Jokanaan More

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"The Peacock Skirt", illustration by Aubrey Beardsley for Oscar Wilde's play Salomé (1892) Modernismo en las artes graficas

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Aubrey Beardsley y su Art Noveau.

Beardsley, Aubrey, 1890s'

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