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Excellante Half Fold Paper Toilet Seat Covers, Sold By Case (250 Sheet/Pack, 20 Pack/Case) by Excellanté. Save 30 Off!. $61.92. Excellante half fold paper toilet seat covers 250 sheet/pack, 20 pack/case. The toilet seat covers are thin, disposable, and fit any half fold toilet seat cover dispenser and are useful for sanitation. It is perfect for any bathroom stall. (Sold By Case. 250 Sheet/Pack, 20 Pack/Case).

Some raisers are technical and require the raising of the entire toilet. These place the rise below the toilet itself. Only a professional can handle the installation of these types. These are also more expensive since they are permanent fixtures.

Hi-Riser Locking Raised Toilet Seat w/ Arms by DeluxeComfort.


Bending at the hips and knees tends to be difficult for some older persons and those with mobility issues especially.

A toilet seat raiser is exactly what the name suggests; it raises the seat to make it easier for people to use the bathroom.

Most standard types raise the height of seats between two and six inches which is adequate for many people.

A lot of people living with disabilities find it hard to sit on regular toilets because they are too low.