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8 Things We Learned in Couple's Therapy That Saved Our Marriage

Marriage is hard, and it requires hard work sometimes. People aren't taught how to be good at marriage or even how to be a good life-long partner, and so we often screw it up. But in failing and learning how to solve problems, you can make a marriage stronger than ever.


"Let's start over. Something happened to us and now I know what so give me the chance to make it better." It doesn't work that way sweetie you can't say sorry or I can fix it and everything will be okay. Once trust is gone you can't get it back and what's a relationship without trust "elaionhip" nothing. Nothing at all. More


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Las personas que pelean mas tienden a tener relaciones mas fuertes. Hay q aceptar los errores y perdonar. Te amo a ti y este mensaje d la foto es para ti.

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Cosas románticas que toda mujer espera que pasen alguna vez en su vida

Cosas románticas que toda mujer espera que pasen alguna vez en su vida ⋮ Es la moda


#Truth. Strive to fix whatever has to be fixed. Don't give up on something and someone because saying 'if only' and 'what if' are two of the hurtful things to say in this life..

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30 Quotes about Relationships

If both people care for it to work, both people will fix the problem to make it work. Perfection.

It is very possible for a couple to come back from the brink of a break up. It is only possible though if both people each do their part to bring healing to the relationship. It is impossible for one person to fix it on their own #relationships