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The Little Mermaid (1989) - Ariel FAVORITE

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Libre!!! Más

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I love Ariel, but I'm not a fan of her new look. I wish they would put her in her pretty pink dining dress. All this sea foam green washes her out. Since her skin is so light. Plus, to me it looks like she got plastic surgery, which she does not need.

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Stereotypical (on hold lol) - Chappy 6

Ariel : I'm moving back to the ocean with my family. My birth day party is the last day I'll see everybody.

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Cómo me encantan!! Más Más

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Okay I watched this again and I realized that Eric was playing the tune to Part of Your World, which was what he heard Ariel sing, on his flute. Grimm told him to give up finding the girl. He threw away the flute, therefore throwing away looking away for the girl so that he could be with Ariel. DEEP STUFF. I love this dress btw :3

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