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Garlic Mushroom Kabobs More

Garlic Mushroom Kabobs                                                                                                                                                     More

Garlic Mushroom Kabobs More

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17 "Healthy" Foods You Actually Need to Avoid

Most nutritionists will advise you to snack on a combination of carbs, protein, and fiber for sustained energy—and trail mix seems like a perfect example. But grocery store versions are often packed with not-so-nutritious add-ons, like “yogurt”-covered raisins, deep-fried banana chips, sesame sticks, or salty nuts, according to Make a healthy mix yourself with mainly nuts and seeds and a little high-cacao dark chocolate and dried fruit.


This classic chicken salad recipe is so easy to make though that there's no reason to not make it more often! I threw this together (with a huge time saving tip) and my whole family loved it! This chicken salad is packed with grapes, celery, and cashews to give it a nice crunch and the flavor is AMAZING!

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Pickle Roll-Ups

My favorite snack. ever.

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Avengers Family Fun Night, #MarvelAvengersWMT

FUN IRONMAN PIZZA Avengers Family Fun Night, #MarvelAvengersWMT

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Banana Pepper and Bacon Hot Dip

Delicious new Banana Pepper and Bacon Hot Dip! This easy throw-it-together in the crockpot dip is perfect for the holidays.