La luz de sus ojos es mi único sol

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Andy/ Oh Andy...Andy...Andy...stop it with that dark hair and blue eyes. Just stop.

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Prelude FL711 Student Flute Reviewed • News To Review -

Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides writing lyrics and jamming out. Love you lots Andy <3 - Laura

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Andy Biersack. Man he is so attractive...BUT HIS VOICE UGHHHHHHHHH

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Andy Biersack ❤️dat feather tattoo.... Nshsnuhnshunshunushnshunhudnuhdmijdmijsmij

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andy biersack, black veil brides, and bvb

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Andy/Did I just pin him? Im sorry. I found a few more gorgeous images of my dark angel.

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:: FC Andy biersack :: Hello, I'm Andrew Black. Captain of The Andromeda. I'm 21. I'm a playboy. I'm secretive and sneaky. I love rum. I don't talk about my past to anyone. I'm looking for a right hand man, or woman, to run the ship with me. I have trust issues. I'm after a treasure that is buried in the Lost Isles and will set my journey there. I want to find the fountain of youth in the New World. I love gold and am greedy. (He's broken inside but no one knows.)

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