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True. This goes out to my "best" friend. Who turned out to be the most judgmental hypocrite. Sorry your miserable.


The hypocritical friends you have did nothing but laugh at you and stab you in the back, now since you have something in common like the hate you share well now you are of use to each other. Betrayed you with your ex and the other constantly talked about how dumb you were for not knowing. Who is laughing now? Some friends you got there, wow I am so jealous! pfft get a life!! ~


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but truly, I'd rather that we all treated each other as we'd like to be treated ourselves....and if you don't have anything nice to say, the...

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Those people aren't worth any sort of time.-- Mean people you simply ignore!! For sure!!! Two-faced people can only act nice for so long, their ugliness always comes out!


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It's funny I see people who don't return calls, don't text, don't communicate, but when they need something, you're the first they turn to. Not only that, but they throw around the "bff" title--give me a break.


Wow....I couldn't have said it better myself...except all of a sudden you are 'a crazy bitch' for acting the same way they have acted for years...quite ironic if you ask me!!!!