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Vista de un acceso en el xochimilco, Ciudad de México, México.

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Cartanaga Columbia is a beautiful city full of brightly color houses in the Spanish Colonial style

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I want to buy one of these old buildings in Cuba - if Fidel allows me to

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Si te gustaba la época dorada del Imperio español de los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII donde el Sol no se ponía, revive en tu propio jardín este escenario histórico. Después de que Cristóbal Colón descubriera América en el año 1492 y posteriormente, España colonizara el nuevo continente con su cultura, su lengua y sus creencias religiosas la mezcla de civilizaciones enriqueció enormemente a la cultura europea.

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40 more maps that explain the world

The empires of Africa, before colonialism: This map of indigenous African empires is not exhaustive. It spans two thousands years from 500 B.C. to 1500 A.D., so these empires were not concurrent; some existed centuries apart. But it shows that, like with North America and perhaps even more so, sub-Saharan Africa was rich with vast and powerful empires long before the Europeans arrived.

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Life in the America colonies was rough. Most people died on the first attempts to establish settlements in the late 1600's early 1700's... There were 3 main areas in Colonial America. They were the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. My ancestors came to America in 1620 - 1630, the other half already lived here (Native Americans). I couldn't be more American if I tried.

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Roanoke map 1584.JPG

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Centroamericana es sur de Norte Americana O Estadios Unidos. También el esta este de New Spain O Mexico.

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This bedroom was meant for me! I would be looking out that gorgeous window a lot :) #bedroom #hacienda

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