Alan Watts. If you've never heard his philosophies, you should look for some on Youtube. Very profound.

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Existence precedes essence. That means that there is no meaning to life. That we just live and then die. People might go all their life trying to find meaning.

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"Hay sólo dos tipos de personas, aquellos que creen que son víctimas del mundo, y los que entienden que ellos son el mundo." – Alan Watts

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Alan Watts Quotes & Sayings

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Alan Watts.... Nowadays it's termed 'Pinning'

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"No hay nada más que el presente, y si uno no puede vivir ahí, uno no puede vivir ne ninguna parte." – Alan Watts

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Alan Watts On God | in isness pictures tagged alan watts consciousness existence god ...

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Life is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be had.

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No podemos ser más sensibles al placer sin ser más sensibles al dolor

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