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Feb 27, 2013 - "No Love for Obama in Newport News, VA - The news of Nerobama's visit to Newport News, VA, today to grandstand on the issue of sequestration, wasn't well received by skilled workers and other citizens of that city, who are suffering as a result of the Administration's murderous policies."


On or Off the Record, Obama Administration is in Damage Control Mode. Wonder what's the next scandal...


The NRA advertises for their store by suggesting there's a devious plot by the Obama administration to disarm Americans, and analogizing that with Spartan mythology.

"From the beginning of the Obama Administration to the end of March 2011, a staggering 75 new major regulations, with costs exceeding $ 38 billion, have been adopted. "

PRESIDENT IS GOING TO MEXICO TO SELL AMNESTY -- The Mexican Drug Policy Shift -- WH officials downplay security concerns ahead of Obama trip to Mexico WH officials downplay security concerns ahead of Obama trip to Mexico

Obama administration might allow seismic airgun blasts100,000 times louder than jet engine every 10 seconds for months to search for oil and gas in Atlantic ocean. US Department of the Interior est. 138,500 dolphins will be injured/killed. This will also scare away fish & pose risk to East Coast fisheries (200,000 jobs &~$12 billion in economic activity/year). PLEASE SIGN & SHARE

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Obama’s Well-Earned Victory Lap on the Economy

Stock market recovers and climbs under Obama administration after massive Bush republican economic collapse. Republicans know how to take from the economy but don't seem to know how to grow or maintain one.