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Nerd ❤️ ~ Zachary Levi Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Zachary Levi, and Joshua Gomez.


"It was never the fame or fortune that drove me to act. It was something I love and enjoy doing it. A lot of people identify who they are by what they do and that's not me. It's what I do but not who I am. Who I am is a parent. I'm a family man." -- Adam Baldwin


Adam Baldwin - this guy is flippin' awesome. Casey and Jayne, walking arsenals with attitude problems.

Adam Baldwin Cosplays his own character for Halloween - Jayne Cobb - Firefly

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Adam Baldwin, Self Assignment, September 1, 1988

Adam Baldwin; Adam Baldwin by Cesare Bonazza; Adam Baldwin, Self Assignment, September 1, 1988


Actor Adam Baldwin (Full Metal Jacket) was born on February 27, 1962

Jane aka Adam Baldwin from Firefly - I loved his no nonsense "I'll kill a man in a fair fight, hell I'll even kill him...' Such a nice change from the usual anti hero

Helloooooo Lt. Col. Casey. Schwing! [Adam Baldwin, b. 1962]