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Easiest DIY Deep Conditioner-Ever! Are you ready for this complex and hard to remember recipe? Get out your notepad! 2 parts olive oil 1 part coconut oil 2 ingredients- that's


Comprar aceite de coco es caro, pero si estás listo para un desafío divertido, puedes hacerlo casero.


Having a lazy day? Treat yourself to a spa experience at home. Start off with a scrub in the shower or if you have a bath tub with Forever Aloe Scrub. After washing your hair and body do your own deep conditioner for your hair by mixing one avocado with some mayonnaise. Leave in for 20 minutes. Meanwhile you put Forever Marine Mask on. Afterwards its lovely to put some Aloe Lotion all over your body and face. English #salvevitae #purposedriven #Forever…

de Martha Stewart

Tips for Dry, Thick Hair

To soften scorched strands, wet your hair with warm water, massage in a deep-conditioning treatment loaded with olive oil or hydrolyzed elastin, and tuck tresses into a shower cap. Step on the treadmill or treat your feet to an at-home pedicure, but budget for 20 to 30 minutes of contact time. Why wear the shower cap? It keeps body heat trapped inside, enabling the conditioner to penetrate more deeply. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair with lukewarm water and marvel at its newfound…