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a sculpture made out of branches with a heart in the center
⬇ - fleshaesthetic: Nora (cozyaddict on |...
an iceberg floating in the middle of the ocean with blue water and clouds behind it
DeRodete y viento
No sé de qué color ves el cielo. Quiero escribir pero no tengo ideas, no me inspiro. Quiero escribir, me pasan cosas pero no sirven, no se expresarlas. Quiero escribir pero me falta imaginación. Qu…
a young child's face is shown with blue tape on it and the image has been split into two parts
Van Dyke
Van Dyke-Cianotipia Ricardo Monsalve. Tipia Lab Escuela de Fotografía Química Tradicional y Alternativa.
an image of a man's back in blue and white with the skeleton visible
Latikismikis: diciembre 2014
a person with their hands on the back of his body
© Denisse García: Cianotipia
a drawing of a building is hanging on the wall next to a blue tube with black thread
ZsaZsa Bellagio
De stad, de nacht wacht.
nine pictures of different types of organs in various shapes and sizes, each with an individual's body
love dies, pizza is forever
currentsinbiology: Anatomical Embroidery by Cecile Dachary
a button with an image of two women holding each other in front of a red and white background
Maria Ikonomopoulou - The Space Between Us
two women sitting next to each other in front of a flower embroidery pattern on a hoop
📷 fotobordado en bastidor para @martigradin 🌴🌞🌺 • • • #mundofilo #fotobordado #bordadoamano #bordado #fotografia #byn #embroidery #handembroidery
an old photo with flowers on it is hanging from a wall hook in front of a yellow background
Foto de família bordada
Uma coisa antiga ou uma coisa nova! Pegue numa foto de família antiga e transforme-a em algo ainda mais especial, acrescentado um toque...
an image of a woman holding a child on the side of a wall with graffiti
El arte urbano textil con aire mexicano de Victoria Villasana | Blog | Domestika
El arte urbano textil con aire mexicano de Victoria Villasana 21