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Tuileries Gardens in Paris

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The Jardin des Tuileries which are connected to the Louvre Museum are a great place to walk around with many statues, fountains, monuments and ponds, or if you prefer you can have a rest within the trees or have a meal or snack at one of the famous restaurants.

There are many cafes to find while in Paris and the Tuileries Gardens are no exception, this photo showing one of the cafes that is within the shade thanks to many trees to create a cool and relaxing area to sit down and have some food. Daily updates at

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One of the vendors within the Tuileries gardens that offers model sailing boats to use on the ponds. Interested in more?;

Jeu de Paume has some intriguing architecture, starting off originally to hold a tennis court but is now a museum to enjoy. Daily updates at

Found within the Tuileries Gardens this is a traditional Merry-go-round with ornate designs all around. Daily updates at

Looking out from a terrace over the Roseraie to the Basin Octagonal of the Tuileries Gardens. More photos to be seen at

A wide panoramic view from Tuileries Gardens, looking over towards the Louvre Museum. Updated daily;

Looking over the Tuileries Gardens to the Aile de Marsan wing of Palais du Louvre. More photos to be seen at

A marble statue named Le Serment de Spartacus, which is one of many statues within the Tuileries Gardens to admire. Daily updates at

One of the temporary tourist attractions found within the Tuileries Gardens during the warmer months. You may be interested in more;

Taken from the Tuileries Gardens with its large open areas it holds a great view to a wing of the Louvre Museum. More photos to be seen at