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the trees are covered in purple flowers
“Todo buscador de la verdad tiene que saber cómo disolverse en la naturaleza, cómo hacer uno con la naturaleza, cómo fluir con ella, sin resistirse, sin luchar...” El libro de la mujer. Osho
a painting of a pair of high heeled shoes with an orange flower on the side
Agave Spikes - Desert Dada
5x7 Blank inside List of plants in the painting on the back of the card. (see below)
a large green plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Licuala Cordata Especies Lista de especies de Licuala Licuala es un género con 167 especies de plantas fanerógamas perteneciente a la familia de las palmeras (Arecaceae).
a potted plant sitting on top of a blue dresser
Plantas que alegran en verano
Plantas que alegran en verano
colorful tropical leaves are in the foreground with trees in the background
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pink and green leaves in a vase on a white wall behind it is a plant
💗✨ Pink Caladium ✨💗 . . . #🌱 #🌿 #botanical #caladium #flauntyourleaves #foliage #greenery #greenhousehunter #greenthumb #houseplants…
a small potted plant is sitting on a window sill
Attention all budding botanists and plant lovers! This stunning succulent is an Oxalis palmifrons - aka a False Shamrock - a terrific house…
a large green leafy plant in a pot
The 'it' plant of 2018 - The Little Botanist
Royal variegated banana (Ranggakuzuma)