Siglo XX. 1. La vanguardia y el color

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an oil painting of sheep grazing on grass near a street light and houses in the background
Murnau (Murnau en mayo)
Murnau (Murnau en mayo), Gabriele Münter. 1924
an oil painting of buildings and flowers in the foreground with a blue sky behind them
Las escuelas, Murnau
Las escuelas, Murnau, Gabriele Münter
an oil painting of a woman with a hat on top of her head and shoulders
Autorretrato, Gabriele Münter. 1908
a painting of trees and buildings in the background
Vista desde la casa del hermano de la artista, Bonn
Vista desde la casa del hermano de la artista, Bonn, Gabriele Münter. 1908
a painting of a woman holding flowers in her hands and wearing a red hat with blue dots on it
Chica con peonias
Jawlensky. Chica con peonias 1909
an image of people standing in the grass with trees and water behind them, as well as text that reads just lurchenbars august / august macke
Macke. Señora en un parque. 1913
two blue elephants standing next to each other in front of an orange and yellow sky
The Large Blue Horses, 1911 - Franz Marc -
Los grandes caballos azules, 1911 - Franz Marc
a black and white drawing of a woman holding a baby in her arms with the words der blaue retter on it
imagen de portada del almanaque de der blaue reiter. Kandinsky 1911
an abstract painting with blue, orange and yellow colors
kandinsky. Estudio Para improvisación 2. Marcha fúnebre
an oil painting of people walking down a street with houses on either side and the sky in the background
Resultado de imagen de kandinsky. Murnau street with women. 1908
a painting of houses and trees in the background
Resultado de imagen de kandinsky. Vista de Murnau,
a painting of people walking in the park
Der Blaue Reiter
Der Blaue Reiter
a painting of a person laying in the grass
kandinsky the blue rider. 1903
a painting of flowers and vases on a table with a woman in the background
Obras comentadas | Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao
James Ensor. Vierge et mondaine (Virgen y mundana). Museo de Bellas artes de Bilbao
an old drawing of a man on a tightrope above a crowd of people
Ensor. La muerte persiguiendo a los ciudadanos o El triunfo de la muerte