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Charlie Rivel

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Charlie Rivel

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Cirkus Schumann, Charlie Rivel

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Charlie Rivel (Josep Andreu) Dibujo con rotuladores de color. (Carme Pecanins) En venta

Clown Trio Rivels: Charlie, René, Polo, Photo: Johnny Rivel Collection (c.1915-35

One of the books that I need to come back to read... I simple love it... Biography of one of the most important spanish clown Charlie Rivel

INFOCIRCO. Treinta aniversario de la muerte de Charlie Rivel (3) (ES)

Charlie Rivel, 1967, performing his act

Josep Andreu i Lasserre, aka Charlie Rivel, and son. Charlie Chaplin asked him, "Is it you who imitates me or I who imitates you?"