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Dhyan Yog mala: Dhyan Yog mala is a combination of 1 mukhi, 9 mukhi, 11 mukhi, Gaurishankar and 28 beads of 5 mukhi. Total number of beads are 32. This combination is extremely good for reaching higher goals in sprituality. Highly beneficial for Dhyan, samadhi, meditation, opening of chakras.


MEDITATION MALA : This Meditation mala is made of one mukhi Lord Siva Rudraksha in the center in such a way that it is exactly on the chest and 1 bead of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha which touches the spine at the back of the neck region. The combined effect of these beads on this mala is very effective is perfect for meditation, concentration and for energizing the body. These two Rudraksha are made in a Panch mukhi mala.

RAKSHA BANDH : A combination of Sphatik Beads and a 10 Mukhi Vishnu Rudraksha when hung at the entrance of the House is a very powerful combination to ward off negativity and evil spirits. ABOUT 10 Mukhi Rudraksha: 10 Mukhi Rudraksha has no ruling planets and is held to control all planets. The wearer gets a sense of security. See more

BUSINESS POWER FOR MARKETING AND TRADING PROFESSIONALS : This combination enhances the marketing and selling skills of the wearer by attracting the customer with his knowledge and skills. It also enhances the name and fame of the wearer.Gives dynamism,confidence , success to the wearer. It contains 1 bead of 7 mukhi Rudraksha,1 bead of 8 mukhi Rudraksha and 1 bead of 13 mukhi Rudraksha. See more