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"GET" phrasal verbs

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Commonly used separable phrasal verbs #learnenglish

AntriParto (@AntriParto)

Learn a Phrasal Verb the same way English natives do. Don't learn them the wrong way. Forget about memorizing one phrasal verb after another.

The most effective way to learn a phrasal verb

GET - #phrasal #verb, #english, #russian, your skype school study material

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Shopping Phrasal Verbs and Adjectives - learn English,phrasalverbs,vocabulary,english

Shopping Phrasal Verbs and Adjectives

de Learn British English

telephone vocabulary

Telephone (phrasal verbs)

Learn British English: telephone vocabulary

Learning phrasal verbs can be easy. Remember that you have to internalize Phrasal verbs by using them every day instead of just memorizing them.

30 days in a row learning phrasal verbs - Second part

Phrasal verbs: clothes

4th junior high english class: VOCABULARY

English Idioms: Love

Love Idioms - Kaplan International Colleges Blog

"To get" #verbs

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