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Be Who You Are. Se quien eres. Be who you are, not what the world wants you to be. Se quién eres, no sea lo que el mundo quiere que seas

Dede ctc step 5 :Dede is a dynamic character because throughout her life you can see her changes. The situation that caused her sisters' deaths changed her. Even though this changed her, her personality is overall the same. In her child memories and as an adult, the book portrays her as a humble and kindhearted person.

Habeces las personas simplemente no son correspondidas... se que duele pero... es mejor dejarlas ir, por que si tu lo amas tanto querras que sea feliz... aunque no sea contigo.

Fases celestial de la luna transferencia de por ElvenChronicle:

Fases celestial de la luna transferencia de tatuajes temporales (dos conjuntos más presupuesto) quisiera regalarte la luna

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Grandmother Mother's Day Poem Grandma Bubbie Yiayia Nanny Nana Black Custom 8 x 10 Print Wall art Grandson