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Did you know that the mushrooms can be consumed fresh, dried or confitted, and are cooked in a whole range of ways, depending on the variety. Yummy! Picture: Mushroom from #Berguedà. Picture by @bcnmoltmes (Instagram)

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Una vez cada dos años, la ciudad de Tarragona en España se transforma en el Concure de Castelle también conocido como el más importante concurso torre humana en Cataluña.

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The night of 23 June (Saint John’s Eve) is such a magical night that it's also known as the Night of Fire. Many towns celebrate the summer solstice with fireworks, bonfires in the village square and street parties until early morning. As for the gastronomy, the traditional food is "coca de pinyons" (pine nut pastry) or fruit pastry. Happy Saint John's Eve! Bona revetlla de Sant Joan! ¡Feliz verbena de San Juan! Picture by @pullmanskipper (Instagram)

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Torró d'Agramunt (Catalonia) Christmas sweet treat to die for :)

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Catalan Cream “Crema Catalana” is a traditional dessert here in Catalonia. is a simple custard cream, covered with a thin layer of caramelized sugar traditional | See more about creme brulee, cream recipes and cream.

Catalan Cream - The Dessert Lover

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Fuet Dry Cured Sausage

Fuet Spanish Sausage from Spain. Slice and eat, add a little bread and cheese if desired.

Fuet Dry Cured Sausage

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Lobster with Fideos | Rossejat de fideos, a traditional seafood dish of Spain's Catalonia region, resembles paella but instead of rice, it calls for fideos, fine vermicelli-like pasta. Here, the pasta browns in hot oil until toasty, then cooks slowly in a deliciously rich stock, made with the lobster shells, soaking up all the flavor.


Castells. All buildings need a good foundation. #barcelona #castellers

Los Minyons de Terrassa, castillos humanos

Pa amb Tomaquet with delicious anchovies from l'Escala. Catalonia

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Chestnuts and 'panellets' are the culinary stars of All Saint's Day (1st November) and the evening before. People get together and hold parties where they eat chestnuts - castanyes in Catalan -, panellets - small balls of almond paste coated in pine nuts -, sweet potatoes and other autumnal produce. Bona castanyada! Picture by @bcn_culturapopular (Instagram)

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