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Iberian Ham

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ecoGourmet Shop does not sell products made from animals confined in feedlots and/or fed on quick fattening processed food, therefore we do not have artificially fattened ham. Iberian pigs are classified by their racial purity (100% Iberian or crossed with Duroc at 75% or 50%), by their nutrition (acorn – fed or artificially- fed ) and the animal’s life until slaughter (in free pasture or in confined feedlots).

How to cut a Iberian Ham. Step by step guide

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The Acorn Iberian ham is the star gift this Christmas ✔ If you're looking for Iberian ham as a gift, shop online with

All you need to know about How to Recognize an Organic Iberian Ham. Sign in for more.

Healthy Properties of Iberian Ham. The Iberian pig eats grass and acorns in the "open range" along with exercise that endow it with a unique and healthy features.

Acorn fed Iberian Ham: the real ham. Would you like to be one of the privileged few who have the opportunity to buy one of these marvels?