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Iberian Ham

ecoGourmet Shop does not sell products made from animals confined in feedlots and/or fed on quick fattening processed food, therefore we do not have artificially fattened ham. Iberian pigs are classified by their racial purity (100% Iberian or crossed with Duroc at 75% or 50%), by their nutrition (acorn – fed or artificially- fed ) and the animal’s life until slaughter (in free pasture or in confined feedlots).
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How to cut a Iberian Ham. Step by step guide


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All you need to know about How to Recognize an Organic Iberian Ham. Sign in for more.

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Healthy Properties of Iberian Ham. The Iberian pig eats grass and acorns in the "open range" along with exercise that endow it with a unique and healthy features.

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Acorn fed Iberian Ham: the real ham. Would you like to be one of the privileged few who have the opportunity to buy one of these marvels?

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The Acorn Iberian ham is the star gift this Christmas ✔ If you're looking for Iberian ham as a gift, shop online with

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