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the guinness beer sign is lit up in front of a dark background with green ribbon
a book cover with two books on it and the title taste the craic
Apparently "craic" is an irish word for fun, but fun doesn't really cut it. General banter, good times had by all. ie Last night was great craic. Could also be that bar has great craic.
a man in darth vader costume holding up a pint of beer with the caption, do not underestimate the power of the dark stuff get a designated droid to drive
⛤☃️Stone🎃Rhino🏮#NaNo☕ on X
a pint of guinness with the words keep calm and drink guinness written on it
there's to the dark side poster with two hands holding beer mugs and gloves
cheers to the darkside!
an advertisement for guinness christmas past featuring two glasses of beer and a bauble