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Banks and insurance buildings require increased security, but should also have a representative ambience. Representative entrance situations that inspire…
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two large white buildings sitting next to each other
Volksbank, Paderborn (GER)
Volksbank, Paderborn (GER) Architect: K&V - King Architects and Engineers GbR Photographer: ©Karsten Rabas When tradition and modernity come together. 115 years ago craftsmen and merchants founded the Paderborner Volksbank. Following the ideas of the architects, the old bank building presents itself in 2012 with a new look. Generous, friendly and harmonious, tradition and modernity are combined and integrated into the "new center of Paderborn". #architecture #design #building #ArchitectureDesign
the building is white and has many windows on each side, along with grass in front of it
ILB, Potsdam (GER)
ILB, Potsdam (GER) Architect: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH Photographer: ©ILB/Leo Seidel The Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB) is the central promotional institute of the state of Brandenburg. On behalf of the state of Brandenburg, it supports and finances public and private investment projects in the areas of business, infrastructure, housing and employment. #architecture #design #building #ArchitectureDesign #Smartandsecureaccesssolutions #TrustedAccess #dormakaba
an office building on the corner of a street with people walking by and cars parked in front
VR-Bank Aalen
VR-Bank, Aalen (GER) Architect: OHO Architekten PartGmbH Photographer: ©Daniel Vieser Door closer for flowing rooms. The new urban building for the main office of the VR-Bank contributes to the spatial quality of the city center. The two-part structure is a light-flooded four-storey hall. The two parts of the building are connected on all floors with a bridge. The large windows and glazing to the hall make it look like a public space, to which the buildings of a city oriented. #architecture
a statue of a man in front of a tall building with flags on it's sides
Raiffeisen cooperative South Tyrol Bozen
Raiffeisen ccoperative South Tyrol, Bozen (ITA) Equipped for the future with access control by dormakaba. The Raiffeisenverband Südtirol is the umbrella organization of the South Tyrolean cooperatives, which and serves as a legally recognized revision and interest association. As a trade association of the Raiffeisenkassen, it advises, supervises and supervises the member cooperatives with more than 300 employees. #architecture #design #building #ArchitectureDesign #TrustedAccess
a large building with many windows on the top and bottom floor, under a cloudy blue sky
First Campus Wien
First Campus, Vienna (AUT) Architect: Henke Schreieck Architekten ZT GmbH Open architecture and building security without contradiction. The Erste Campus has been the new headquarters for Erste Group Bank AG since 2016. Above all, the new building means a new working environment with improved economy and open architecture. #architecture #design #building #ArchitectureDesign #Smartandsecureaccesssolutions #TrustedAccess