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"Fetichismo ilustrado"

Carteles e ilustraciones
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Xmas 15/16, Video & Comic, with: Coaxdreams, DóminaGea, Zio Dillinger, Lady Ariden, RemartinuX & Basterd.


"Whipnessme". Special guest: Fabianictus erectus. Ilustration by: Zio Dillinger

"Whipnessme". Introducing: @RemartinuX & Master Basterd. Ilustration by: Zio Dillinger

"Whipness me"; a performance of: Dómina Gea, Zio Dillinger and their war boys slaves ;). For: Unleashed: "Madrid the fetish underground extravaganza" (Illustration by: ZioDillinger)

"Zombie Fetish Party: aZotalipsis" (Oct14, Madrid). Dómina Gea & Zio Dillinger. By: Chus Sarrión.

"Dogmination" (feb15, Madrid). Watch our video: By: Femme Fractale. Ilustration: Zio Dillinger.


"Teach the Bitch" (Jan15, Valladolid) Performance of: Dómina Gea & Zio Dillinger. Ilustration by: Chus Sarrión