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two birds standing next to each other in the snow
Searching for a nice watercolor blue to paint my California sky - Urban Sketchers
an image of a plant that is in the air with it's stems sticking out
Qin Tianzhu
a black bird sitting on top of a white surface
a river's garden studio
Qin Tianzhu - I love chinese brush painting and little birds - the best of both worlds.
two birds sitting on top of a bamboo branch
Bamboo and little bird hand-drawn with ink in sumi-e style. Digital download.
"This is is a digital image for instant downloading created from my original sumi-e ink painting. I painted it in simple and clean minimalist zen style. This digital download comes in hi-res 300 dpi and A3 size. Hieroglyph on traditional decorative red seal means \"clarity\". This image is for personal use only. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ♥"
a watercolor painting of a bird on a white background
an ink painting of birds flying in the sky
chinesicher Kunst japanischer Bambus Tusche Malerei,Tuschzeichnung und der Tuschmaler
two birds are flying in the sky with red stamps on it's back side
two birds are standing next to each other in black and white ink on the paper