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two different types of fish with spots on them
Leopard Cowry
a bunch of fish that are drawn in blue ink on a white paper with the words,
Servilletas decoradas
an old book with fish drawings on it
Fish Species Historiae Naturalis 08 - 1657 - 26 by Aged Pixel
an old book with sea plants and algaes
Scientific Illustration: Photo
Me encanta este tipo de lámina vintage para usar en cuadritos.
an old book with red seaweed on it
Crush Cul de Sac
a drawing of a tree with red leaves on it's trunk and branches in the center
Henry Bradbury Antique Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859
Impreso-Naturaleza Henry Bradbury impresiones de la antigüedad de la alga marina 1859
an image of a red coral on a white background
Sea Life & Tropical Prints — J.Pocker
Precious Corales, 2
an image of seaweed and corals on white background
Chondrus crispus - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Chondrus crispus - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre