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an artistic painting on the wall with flowers and leaves painted on it's surface
Antique Primitives for sale | eBay
Stunning Fraktur Tulips and Grapes 19th Century Watercolor AAFA
an image of susan daul folk art with two birds sitting on top of each other
Welcome to Susan Daul Folk Art
an old painting on the side of a wall
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slide lid box, PA, dated 1795
an envelope is decorated with orange flowers and plants on it's front, while a postage stamp has been placed in the background
Geninne's Art Blog: Red
freehand drawing on an envelope by Geninne
an image of two people in the snow with christmas decorations on their head and arms
Майстри5 сторінкаРукотвори
a painting on the wall of a house with people and animals in front of it
Diascopeo Манеж : LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Ревуцкая Елена Russian folk art?
several drawings on paper with different shapes and sizes
russian folk pattern
russian folk designs
an image of a woman sitting in front of a vase
Russian folk tale Yemelya Durak. Drawings by Igor & Kseniya Ershov
an image of a piece of paper that has been drawn with white ink on it
So into Polish/Russian folk art lately. (via
two dolls are standing next to each other
Russian folk textile dolls
a red and white floral background
Russian Folk Patterns 1440x900 download