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a blue poster with stars on it next to some books and a vase filled with rocks
Star Chart & Quote Art Print
Mapping out all of the stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere, this star chart art print features a quote from late astronomer Carl Sagan. It reads, “We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still,” the star chart and text printed with chalky white ink on heavyweight navy paper. Hang it where you most often contemplate space.
a white couch sitting next to a wall with a framed poster on it's side
Sea you Soon Print. 250gr. 100% recycled paper.
the words defy odds are overlaid by an image of a surfer in the ocean
defy the odds
the words no limits are written in black on a blue background with white and green clouds
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a black and white photo with the words you're the only in the sea for me
a beach cottage
*______________* LA culiolada.
an image of the word elo written in white on a field with arrows pointing to different directions
My Life As Maya
I LOVE THIS. Must incorporate somehow
a black background with pink and white flowers in a circle that says, what is done in love is done all around it
wallpapers for ipad
iphone wallpapers tumblr vintage - Google Search
the words follow your arrow written in chalk on a blackboard
Follow Your Arrow
Follow Your Arrow ...