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three statues on the side of a building with gold and blue decorations around them,
Bajorelieve en la fachada del 1 Rockefeller Plaza @rockcenternyc #NYC
cars are parked on the street in front of tall buildings with a bridge above them
DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) en Brooklyn
an aerial view of a large city with tall buildings on the other side of the river
Hermoso día de sol tras la nieve
an outdoor courtyard with stone pillars and green grass
The Cloisters. Mueso medieval del Metropolitan Museum of Art en Fort Tryon Park
the top of a large building with lots of windows in front of a cityscape
Cúpula del Chrysler Building
the city skyline is seen from across the water
El nuevo skyline de Nueva York
the tall building is under construction in the city's financial district, as well as other skyscrapers
One World Trade Center
a tall building with a statue on the top and an american flag flying in front
Financial District con #1WTC
an aerial view of skyscrapers in new york city
SONY ha vendido el SONY Building (550 Madison Avenue) a Chetrit Group. El edificio fue diseñado por los arquitectos Philip Johnson y John Burgee.
an aerial view of the city at night with lights on and skyscrapers lit up
Manhattan desde Top of The Rock @rockcenternyc
an aerial view of new york city with skyscrapers
Upper East Side desde Top of The Rock