SPAIN. Barcelona. Montjuich stadium. Afraid of Franquist reprisals, many peasants found refuge in the Catalan capital 1936.

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PAIN. Barcelona. July 1936.

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SPAIN. Barcelona. Not all the water pipes are cut off despite the Italo-German air force bombings. 1938.

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PAIN. Spanish Catholic writer Jose BERGAMIN, president of the Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals whose manifesto stated: "We, writers, artists, scientists who have dedicated

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SPAIN. Amusement park in Barcelona. July 1936

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MPAIN. Industries in the Basque country are kept running by women who replace factory workers who have gone off to fight for Euzkadi's autonomy. A missile factory. 1936

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SPAIN. A blackboard in the streets gives information about literacy teaching by Ateneo, a philanthropic organization. On the right are reported the last news from the Red Cross. 1936.... View information o

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SPAIN. Barcelona. The International Brigades are made to leave Spain by the Jallander Commission, which ordered the departure of all foreign troops fighting alongside the o

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SPAIN. Catalonia. Barcelona. Public schools became secular during the second Spanish Republic (1931-1939). In this school children write their lessons in Catalan. October 193

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SPAIN. Soldiers, (maybe Basque) Republican prisoners of Franquist group

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