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Bead Market, Koforidua, Ghana (My friend, George Lutterodt also has a great selection of handmade beads and jewelry at his placein Kroboland!

Vendor in Ghana on the way to market with a cart of bolga baskets. #fairtrade #bolga #ghana

Lived (9-16) Accra, Ghana, West Africa

stillwalkers at Accra - Ghana

Accra.....too busy with work to take in Ghana

Accra, Ghana. One of the locations you will visit if you study abroad here on our Ghana Africology program. Running January 2-18, 2014. Application deadline is October 15th. To apply online, visit us at studyabroad.uwm.edu.

Fort San Sebastian. Shama, Wester Region. Ghana Marc Riboud

HEADING HOME II. Nzulezu. Ghana | © Sune Wendelboe

#Accra, #Ghana