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This is another Dog Bed I made without plans. Just PVC pipe (no glue, so you can wash the towel) and a towel. As you can see, the dog, is fast asleep in her new bed!

Having two dogs with a disposition for hip displasia I wanted some kind of bed for them that would keep them off the hard floors. I made PVC frames and sewed wa…

Love the idea of using a drawer for a dog bed! awesome reuse!

Dog bed so they can dig around in the blankets and get comfy. Washable and no stuffing everywhere! My dog TOTALLY NEEDS THIS!

DIY durable elevated dog bed for $35! ... might be good for an inexpensive guest cot as well

Cama Para Perros Somos SLEEPETS™ La Marca que consiente a tu mascota. Contáctenos y cotice con nosotros! http://sleepets.wix.com/sleepets

I love this idea! You can make it out of old pallets if you want! then cover it with what ever fabric you'd like. www.rlhydelabradors.com

Habitaciones Diseñadas para Mascotas Costa Rica Ejemplos de habitaciones para mascotas que puede utilizar para que diseñemos la de tu concentido

repurposed end table turned upside down, painted and padded for our pets!

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