wallpaper - Malo Gatito
serendipia: Hallazgo afortunado e inesperado que se produce cuando se está buscando otra cosa distinta.
Horn To Be Wild Cute Unicorn iPhone 6 Wallpaper
puro pelo
Just me and my bear!
maxvelocity: pills n potions

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Wonder What Would Disney Characters Look Like in Real Life? Take a Look!
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... Si tus ojos me apendejan;  imagina un beso tuyo...
Disney Characters Get A Modern Day Twist
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"Melifluo" means an excessively sweet, soft, or delicate sound. From "The 20 most beautiful words in the Spanish language." / Las 20 palabras más bonitas del idioma español.
Ella Weasley. Who knew the Weasley's would have another kid after all of thiers graduated from Hogwarts. Allthough all the other Weasley's were Gryffondor she is in Hufflepuff. She is 15 and has crashed two cars already(one was her dad's enchanted one). She is a sort of people pleaser but if she needs to she can go all ninja on your butt.~Adopted by me~
Las 20 palabras más bonitas en español