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a large open kitchen and dining room area with wood flooring, white walls and ceiling
Design&Live on Instagram: "Born in Oslo but with deep roots in #Denmark, Danielle undertook the heartfelt project of redesigning her family’s beloved summerhouse in #Liseleje. The original cabin, rich with childhood memories and family history, had aged beyond repair, prompting Danielle to create a new space infused with sentiments of recognition and reconnection. She preserved key elements such as the house’s orientation, the #light streaming through the windows, and bricks from the original fireplace, ensuring the spirit of the old house lingered. @daniellesiggerud Photos by @wichmann100 / @wplusbphotography"
a dining room table surrounded by chairs and vases with plants in them on the tables
A Mediterranean style home gets an inspiring update in Rancho Santa Fe
a living room with wood floors and white walls
EGINSTILL - Where intuitive design meets timeless craftsmanship
a dining room with large windows and wooden tables
Una granja de estilo rústico y elegante en Sonoma County - Vintage & Chic. Pequeñas historias de decoración