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alcance y difusión de escrituras por industrias culturales
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the words small data & amp fast data, tendencias para el turismo / visiones del turismo
Small Data & Fast Data – Las nuevas tendencias para el sector turístico - Visiones del Turismo
Small Data & Fast Data, tendencias para el turismo | Visiones del Turismo
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Miguel A. Rodríguez on Twitter
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the chart shows how much people spend on facebook
Evolución de las ganancias publicitarias en las eMajors
two graphs showing the differences between paris attacks and san berno shooting cases, with different times
Estas son las cifras que dejan las redes sociales en 2016
Diversidad gráficos del informe Chartbeat.
the number of different languages in each language is shown on this page, and it appears to
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a line graph shows the number of newspapers advertising in each country, from 1950 to 2013
US newspapers lost advertising revenue found
USA media advertising revenue
five people standing in front of a tv screen with their arms crossed and looking at the camera
El duopolio se reparte casi 9 de cada 10 millones que se invierten en televisión
Sin F1 pero con Champions, Antena 3 logra reponerse a Fernando Alonso
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¿Qué es un KPI y cómo elegir las unidades de medida en Marketing?
Ejemplos de los principales KPI en Marketing Digital
a funnel diagram with the words build audience, engagement, and conversation written in it
The ultimate guide to measuring earned media value on Facebook
paid media, earned media #ROI
the united states is shown in red and black with wires all over it's surface
nordpil: USA highway traffic flow by Max Galka #map #traffic #usa via [Pinterest pinned to the Nordpil Interesting Maps Pinterest Board]
a map showing the number of people in spain
Twitter Card
canales televisión domininantes por regiones España abril 2016
a line graph showing the number of social networkings in each country, and how many people are using it
RicardCastellet en Twitter: "para reflexionar: 4 servicios de mensajería tienen más usuarios que Facebook, Twitter, Instagram y LinkedIn #mobile https://t.co/9qNnJ3itcA"
a bar chart with different colors and numbers on the same line as well as bars
Consumo snack y prácticas digitales