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some green leaves are arranged on a white background with the words, trending greenery what's popular now
Whether it's a full plant or a pretty leaf in a little vase, greenery can make such an impact on a room! Here are plants that are trending now.
a vase filled with lots of flowers sitting on top of a fireplace mantel covered in greenery
The Ultimate Inspiration for a Colorful Boho-Style Wedding
Pink bougainvillea and ranunculus wedding flowers: Photography : Ashley Slater Photography Read More on SMP:
an image of different types of plants
Wedding Planning Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Flowers - MODwedding
You’ll need a little greenery to bring out the brilliant colors in your floral arrangements. Take your pick! Image via
pink flowers are arranged in rows on a light pink background
Our Favorite: Light Pink Flowers - Flower Muse Blog
Not sure which pink blooms to choose for your special day? These are perfect for inspiration. #weddingflowers #pinkweddings
the different types of flowers are shown in this graphic style, and each flower has its own name on it
Our Favorite: White Flowers - Flower Muse Blog
Flower Muse Our Favorite: White Flowers
flowers arranged on the same wall with names in english and french, including chamomile, chrysopia, carnation, pelarphula, florisa, peaches, tulips,
Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer
summer flower guide
the flowers are labeled in the pictures
Seasonal Flower Guide: Winter
Flowers available in the Winter
flowers that are edible in spring and summer, arranged on a white background with text
Seasonal Flower Guide: Spring
Spring Flower Guide Flowers
flowers are arranged in the middle of a poster with names on each side and different types of flowers
Seasonal Flower Guide: Fall
Fall Flower Guide
flowers that are labeled in different parts of the body
Seasonal Flower Guide: Fall
Wedding Flowers Available Year Round
an image of different types of plants
Take a look at some of the gorgeous Greens we offer at! Our Greenery selection includes Grasses, Leaves, Eucalyptus, Ferns, Tropicals and Much More!
a vase filled with flowers and berries on top of a table
Little Women Woodland Wedding Ideas
an image of flowers that are in the middle of a poster with words on it
glossary of peonies
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a wooden bench with greenery around it
Peacock Inspired Wedding Ideas
Peacock Inspired Wedding Ideas