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Fix your #towels on your boat. Have you ever tried to suntan on a boat? As soon as you stand up, the towel flies and gets into the water. Now you have ClickClix, you have the solution. No more towels into sea water! 4 #adhesive sets and 12 sets for normal fabrics WHITE or BLACK $11.33

Fix the #curtains of your motorhome. A solution without nails and without screws to fix your curtains! 4 #adhesive sets and 12 sets for normal fabrics WHITE or BLACK $11.33

#Fix a light device. If you want to use a light device and to be able to change its place…ClickClix! 8 #adhesive sets BLACK or WHITE $12.60.

#Fix your mobile phone on your boat. Mobiles phones cannot swim! Fix it in order to avoid incidents! 8 #adhesive sets BLACK or WHITE $12.60.

#Camping tent If you have ever been to camping, you may have wondered how to easily close the tent, or how to #fix the partition on the tent. Now with ClickClix you will be able to close the tent and to fix what you want where you want.24 ClickClix #buttons sets BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, GREY or BROWN. $10.06

Fix devices. Those who travel with motorhome know that many objects fall off during the journey. Fix them with ClickClix.8 adhesive sets BLACK or WHITE $12.60.

Fix the remote control. Travellling by boat is a real pleasure, but object tend to disappear during the journey. Fix your remote control to be sure it will not move again!.8 adhesive sets BLACK or WHITE $12.60.

solucionesocio2 Attach the partition of a camping tent, your motorhome curtains, a towel on the deck of your boat in order that it does not fly away, they are some of the multiple possible uses of ClickClix.