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Gaia Gods

Book series Chronicles of Gaia and other books by Author Russell Chapman
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Warleggan Church, place of Devil worhship in my Dark Cornwall Novel


Warleggan Church - Gaia Gods

Ambulance de Liberté by Russell Chapman - A warning from the future. Download FREE!

Ambulance de Liberté - Download FREE

Their Tangled Hearts - GaiaGods

Book Launch, is a stressful time for self-publishing authors. If you need a FREE flexible web page to promote your new and existing works, look no further

Book Launch - GaiaGods

Check out this book on @booklaunch_io

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The Pixie Montol 2014

Montol Annual Festival Penzance - Gaia Gods

The Egyptians at Montol

Montol Annual Festival Penzance - Gaia Gods

Just set up my GaiaGods website, it is still a work in progress.

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My first novel Roads of Destiny

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