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a poster with words written on it in spanish and english, as well as other languages
2015 | Homenaje a Zapata
a man and woman are drawing on a wall
Un día de mercado en el Mercado Municipal de Chacao
three people are painting a mural on the side of a building while another man stands on a ladder
Flix | Rejas en Por El Medio de la Calle
there are many posters on the wall next to each other
Festival OFFF Caracas
an ink drawing of a bottle with birds and flowers in it, surrounded by other things
Mural Cerveza Zulia
two people are painting on the wall with black and white images, one is holding a ladder
Mural Cerveza Zulia por Ismael Aguirre
an image of some people and bottles on a yellow and blue background with black ink
Mural Cerveza Zulia