Ciencia y naturaleza

Porcupine smelling flowers

♋Moon Child♋ ( CANCER ZODIAC)

Are we mistakenly working more harmfully & unnecessarily against nature when we could instead be working more harmoniously (& essentially necessarily so for our wellness' sake) WITH NATURE? Not sure how? Ever really observe the successful permaculture approaches all around, yet?

35 diseños de #Ciencia en uno por meganlee


snow leopard cub ~~ by Daniel Münger ~~ what a beauty !!

The Fatal Gift of Beauty, banshy: The Starry Valley | YFphotography

War and Peace Nebula NGC 6357 NASA Hubble Image Poster 24x36


cos spring & summer 2016 magazine | presence.

Waterfall Pool, Devon, England


Great seahorse with backdrop

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Procrastination

Get your creative juices flowing with this specially curated collection of crystals. Each stone offers powerful properties that are said to stimulate imagination and open your mind. Keep the inspirati


gorgeous #crystals


an-adventurers: Yellowstone National Park Wyoming USA

Everything you desire

We plan to have the ceremony and the reception in the one place and will be starting the festivities at 5:30pm. We are not morning people so this suits us!

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Vintage planter filled with cacti + succulents

Sequoia tree. Absolutely MUST see and experience in this lifetime.

Koh Lipe, Thailand-for the Brown Girl who just can't stop! | Brown Girl Magazine

The Crazy Tourist

Blue sky through snowy trees

Pink Sand Beaches in Harbor Island, Bahamas

Palaeoloxodon (=Elephas) recki in colour by on @DeviantArt

Hortensia //

The famous Starchild Skull, found in a cave in Mexico in the 1930s and care taken by Lloyd Pye for 12 years was thought to be the only one o...